Issue N° 14

It's official: the Otahpiaaki collective at Mount Royal University has officially taken over the next two issues of WIOT! We couldn't be more thrilled. Below, you will find a myriad of Indigenous and Ally voices who all believe that healing can come from art, fashion and design. Otahpiaaki is a social innovation project rooted in deep beauty and bold Nation-to-Nation exchange. Each year, it hosts the Indigenous Beauty, Fashion and Design Week at MRU, featuring some of the region's most prominent Indigenous designers and artists. Beyond Fashion Week, Otahpiaaki student teams passionately create opportunities for multi-faceted development. This includes design and social enterprise ideas with the intent to promote, connect, and protect each designer's collection. Over the next seven years, Otahpiaaki's goal is to support Indigenous communities by providing capacity-building resources. Otahpiaaki, thank you for offering us your energy, commitment and creativity. This is what WIOT is all about. Folks, we hope you enjoy this special take-over, and please stay tuned for our second edition of Otahpiaaki, which comes out mid September.

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Ancestral beauty in motion

by Brenda Lee Asp

I was born and raised in the Yukon. At a young age, I discovered art and design with my mother, my grandmothers Thelma Norby (nee Edzerza) and Agnes Nieman (Nee Jack), and numerous Aunts. Growing up, I was exposed to our sophisticated art of leather work. I also discovered various concepts of print design, precision & machine operation and traditional beadwork.

My ancestral background consists of Athabascan and Tlingit cultures. I am a Northern Tutchone First Nation from the Snag area of the Yukon and Tahltan from Northern BC. I am a member of the Crow Clan.

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