Issue N° 16

This issue explores the work and activism presented by the incredible Indigenous artists who participated in Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto this June. Their work, and the undeniably ground-breaking messages behind it, have voiced a compelling statement to Canada, and to the world. We are here. Indigenous people, politics, and culture are alive and thriving. Our traditions, values, and unique perspectives of the world are not simply images of the past, novelty designs to be sewn together into pop-culture fashion statements by people and voices not our own. Indigenous fashion, design, and art are not items to be appropriated and profited on by industries and people who have no concept of Indigenous realities. This issue explores the real world of Indigenous fashion and design. The authentic mastery of Indigenous craft, of masterful design techniques, and of profound cultural representation and creation.

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Cover Artist

Giving Life

by Sage Paul

A mash-up of raw-hide casts and weirdo fashion, this is a cheeky exorcism of sickness possessed by loss, failed systems and a lust for trust.

Sage Paul is an urban Dene woman and member of English River First Nation. She is an artist and innovative leader in Indigenous fashion, craft and textiles, championing family, sovereignty and resistance for balance. In 2017, Sage received the Design Exchange RBC Emerging Designer Award for her trailblazing work.

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