Children of the Children


Her stories scared me, yet I continue to walk in her footsteps; retracing her dreams of a brighter future.


This short tells the stories of two generations of children, both descendants of a residential school Survivor. Their stories embody a narrative shared by many Indigenous people who are collectively discovering what it means to heal from the aftermath of a genocide. Since the release of the TRC, it's become increasingly clear that this healing has no real beginning or end. It's a process that has only just begun, and one that means something different to all of us. For Indigenous people, what's certain is that we want to stop intergenerational trauma from taking another step forward. It's grueling work, but each day we're successfully doing more and more of it - together.

Jules Arita Koostachin is a media artist, creator of the hit television show AskiBOYZ, and a PhD student at the Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at UBC. She is focused on shedding light on important Indigenous issues by using media as a tool to inform and educate. Jules currently lives in Vancouver with her family.  

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