While exploring Turtle Island, I meet people who forever change me. How they live gives me the courage to think outside the box and find the passion within to make this world better. I really want you to meet some of these superheroes: Modern Warriors who are blazing new paths and facing the challenges of today's Indigenous reality.

"Dano is defined by his passion for soccer and people. Through his coaching, he spreads his greatest love to Indigenous communities all across Canada. This path has simply become who Dano is- a man dedicated to supporting youth through his deep connection to the game."

Dano Thorn


This soccer player-turned-coach holds MVP status on and off the field. His winning feature? A heart of gold.


Name: Dano Thorne

Beat: Head Coach & Team Leader for NIFA / Coach for the Indigenous Ladies Gold Medal World Games Champions 2015 / Advocate for Aboriginal Sports

Heritage: Cowichan First Nation of the Coast Salish people, connections to Secoten First Nations, and Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho state.

Dano Thorne3

Ancestral name: kwa lii quinum Current location: Vancouver, BC

Describe yourself in 1 word or sentence: People

When and how did you first fall in love with soccer?: Soccer is my family tradition. It’s what we’ve all done for over a hundred years. I started playing at 3 years old, and I love it. It’s my gift.

What do coaches and community leaders have in common?: Leadership. Both positions have this responsibility because they revolve around people. Coaching can build up our people and teach life lessons that inspire capacity building- especially in our youth.

bella bella camp

One highlight from the World Indigenous Games (2015): Watching the young ladies and coaches achieve personal greatness in a special, sacred moment…

One lesson learned from the World Indigenous Games (2015): Strong communication! Asking for help always makes things easier… What are your passions outside of soccer and coaching?: Continuing to support youth and watching them build their own dreams. I encourage them to be proud of culture and their identity.

‘The Good Life’ means…: Walking with your ancestors and your family; walking the red road; looking after your mental/emotional/physical/spiritual needs; continuing to dream!

2015 World Champs

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