Healing on the Land


It's always been there to give us what we need: food, shelter, and a gentle nod in the right direction.


I was inspired to make this film after hearing an Elder describe all the potential and beauty that comes from nature. In this short, Elder Max Morin takes us out on the land in his home of Beauval, Saskatchewan and shares what it means to him. When he respects and honours its magic with others, he's taken care of in return. This is the give and take that gives our lives purpose.

Storytelling has always been in my blood, and I first became acquainted with a camera at 11. Since then, the power of visual storytelling has become the forefront of my everyday life. Directing, filming, and editing what's in my head has been the norm ever since I shot my first short film 'Shadow'. I obtained a Media Arts Production Diploma from Sask Polytech, and have been happily working as a one man crew since. Website / Demo Reel

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