Hunny Bunny


Certain couples just exude that over-the-moon kind of love. Jean and Delbert are a prime example.


"I met Jean and Delbert through ceremony at the Native Friendship Centre - a place I have come to recognize as a warm home in the middle of Montreal's concrete jungle. I was inspired by Jean and Delbert's love and leadership, and asked them if I could make a short film about their amazing 'hunny Bunny' partnership. Along with my film partner Eléonore Riffe, I captured some of Jean and Delbert's wisdom, which they so generously share with our community." - Emilee Gilpin


Emilee Gilpin: My name is Emilee Gilpin, though I usually go by Emilee Guevara, because the naming process and recognition in my family is complex and my sister and I want to respect and represent our Pilipino roots. I am Saulteaux- Cree and Métis, Filipina, Scottish and Irish. I am a recent graduate of Concordia University's graduate diploma in journalism, where I recognized a need for stronger Indigenous perspectives and awareness. I've given a number workshops to journalism students and faculty in Communications at Concordia, and am a member of the University's Indigenous Directions leadership group. I am also the head social media coordinator for Concordia's Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace. I am moving to Vancouver this summer as an Emerging Indigenous Journalist intern with the Tyee.

Eléonore Riffe: Eléonore studied visual journalism at Concordia University, with a background in Fine Arts. She is passionate about photography and video, and uses them to bring attention to social and environmental issues. 

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