While exploring Turtle Island, I meet people who forever change me. How they live gives me the courage to think outside the box and find the passion within to make this world better. I really want you to meet some of these superheroes: Modern Warriors who are blazing new paths and facing the challenges of today's Indigenous reality.

"When I first watched Jaimie play volleyball at the 2015 Pan Am Games, her enthusiasm - a special magic, really - spread through the crowd and captivated us all. I can foresee Jaimie's spirit touching people across the globe in the same way she's touched me."

Jaimie Thibeault


She's a star player on Canada's National Women's Volleyball Team, and lives her life the way she plays the game.


Name: Jaimie Thibeault

Beat: Professional Volleyball Player

Heritage: Coast Salish

Current location: Gatineau, QC

If your life right now were a song, it would be?: Blame It On The Boogie by Michael Jackson

A memorable moment with your teammates: Winning against Cuba with the National Team in Iquitos, Peru! We were swarmed by thousands of Peruvian fans who had hopped the barricades, and I remember the coaches trying to get us all safely into the locker rooms. We were being pulled in every direction, and the energy was crazy. On that same trip, we all had a meal that we thought was chicken, or maybe fish, and it wound up being anaconda!

How do you manage setbacks- professional or otherwise?: One day at a time. I try to stay patient and positive, because as the saying goes… a setback is a set up for a comeback.

Jaimie Thibeault 2

What are some suitcase essentials when you travel?: My J's and Kobes, baking powder and measuring cups and FIVE spearmint gum.

How do you maintain important relationships when you’re on the road?: FaceTime and Whatsapp. I also try to post regular updates on social media for all my family and friends back home.

Describe your state of mind when you walk onto the court: Calm and focused on the game plan. I try to keep things loose and relaxed by making jokes and enjoying the moment. I play my best when I’m stress free.

‘The Good Life’ means…: Happy, free, and always laughing.

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