While exploring Turtle Island, I meet people who forever change me. How they live gives me the courage to think outside the box and find the passion within to make this world better. I really want you to meet some of these superheroes: Modern Warriors who are blazing new paths and facing the challenges of today's Indigenous reality.

"Could I love my baby sister any more than I already do? Growing up, she pushed me to be a role model who chased her dreams. Now, I'm seeing Kaniehti:io chase her own, and I couldn't be prouder. I'm in awe of all her talents, especially her magic on the big screen. "

Kaniehti:io Horn


Here's a rebel rouser and bright light who's making big waves in front of the camera and basically everywhere else she goes.


Profession: Actress, writer, cat owner

Heritage: Mohawk from Kahnawake and German/Scottish

Current location: Toronto

Describe yourself in 1 word or sentence: Emotional - acting is no easy feat.

K Horn 3


What’s the toughest part of being an actor?: Putting a spin on rejection. It happens more often than booking jobs, so you have to learn how to see the good in every every opppotunity you don’t get.

How do you perceive the representation of Indigenous women in media today?: I think a major change in how we are represented is slowly taking place. I left theater school thinking I would never play a Native woman because I don’t resemble the Pocahontas stereotype that hollywood loves. But if you look at my resume, about one third of the roles are Native. I think the industry at large is waking up, and it also helps to have more and more Indigenous people behind the camera and in charge.

What types of projects are sure to grab your attention?: I love just a simple slice of life. A good story. not a shoot-em-up as my mom calls them. Athough, those can sometimes be a lot of fun too!

Your 5-year plan: Produce and star in my short, then produce a feature, hit up some festivals, maybe buy or build a house, and go to New Zealand.

What’s the best part of having sisters?: Hand-me-downs, hands down! And I don't just mean clothes, but life tidbits and advice as well.

What role or responsibility do you have as a story-teller and public figure?: I just want to stay truthful to who I am and to create things that people can relate to. I try not to put too much pressure on myself to be a certain way because I have seen it crush people around me.

‘The Good Life’ means: Laughing real gut busting laughs every day.

K Horn 2


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