Learning from the Past


After centuries of being torn apart, our families are slowly begin to reclaim the love that's been taken away.


"You now have a new system which is pretty much the same thing. Foster Care being the new Residential School. They come in and just take the children. In some ways I think it has an even worse effect." -Pura Fe (Singer, Songwriter, Healer)

"I still feel damaged and broken. I still feel that I need to talk about it more." -Lawrence "Law" Morin (Former Foster Care Youth)

In this short, filmmaker Francis Laliberté honours the pain inflicted on the Survivors of residential school and The Sixties Scoop. He also honours their remarkable journeys forward to places of peace and joy.

Storytelling has always been in my blood, and I first became acquainted with a camera at 11. Since then, the power of visual storytelling has become the forefront of my everyday life. Directing, filming, and editing what's in my head has been the norm ever since I shot my first short film 'Shadow'. I obtained a Media Arts Production Diploma from Sask Polytech, and have been happily working as a one man crew since. 

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