Little Victories


No one ever said the music business - or life, period - was easy. But artist Logan Staats will still tell you it's all worth it.


Logan Staats is a young, up-and-coming musician and song writer of Mohawk descent. He was born on Six Nations Reserve, but grew up in the small adjacent town of Brantford, ON. Armed with his guitar and harmonica, Logan now makes hearts swoon during his soulful, electric performances all across the country. He already has a number of awards under his belt, and is committed to making magic with other creatives like his friend Shane Powless, founder of Thru The RedDoor.

The Director of this video, Shane Powless, is Mohawk from the Bear Clan and hails from Six Nations. It's where he still lives today. He is a proud father and husband, and work as a videographer/editor/photographer. Shane is the co-owner of Thru The RedDoor, a full service multimedia production house. Media and music have been his passions and focus for as long as he can remember.


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