The Voices of our Ancestors


This poem came to me one day when I was out for a walk along the shores of the Coast Salish Sea. For me, it’s a gentle reminder that I’m never alone.




Those voices, you know them…
They dance in the mist
They come when the morning sun descends on the land
They sparkle in the snow
They leave goosebumps on your skin.
Those voices, you know them…
They are the first cry of a child as they announce their entrance into the world
They come from the kraa of a Raven, inviting you to transform…transform, and transform again.
They come like a warm chinook, blanketing us in our darkest hours
They run deep in our blood, connecting us to generations who were here long before us.
Those voices, you know them…
They encourage us to use our voice, even when we are afraid and our body trembles
They remind us we have a responsibility to hold each other up with kindness, love, and respect.
Those Voices, you know them…
They’re your Ancestors.
Are you listening?



Monique Gray Smith is a mixed heritage woman of Cree (Peepeekisis 1st Nation), Lakota, and Scottish descent and is the proud Mom of twelve year old twins. Monique’s first published novel, Tilly: A Story of Hope and Resilience won the 2014 Burt Award for First Nation, Métis and Inuit Literature. Tilly has garnered respect as an important contribution to Indigenous literature and is being used in schools and Universities across Canada. In February 2016, Monique’s first children’s board book was released with Orca books. My Heart Fills with Happiness is illustrated by the award winning Cree/Métis illustrator, Julie Flett and has received starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, the School Library Journal and has been on the BC Best Seller list since being released. Monique has been running her business, Little Drum Consulting since 1996. Her career has focused on fostering paradigm shifts that emphasize the strength and resiliency of the First Peoples in Canada. Monique has been sober and involved in her healing journey for over 24 years and is well known for her storytelling, spirit of generosity and focus on resilience. Website / Little Drum

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