Tota Tanon Ohkwa:ri


When we know and speak our languages, we're doing so much more than just talking the talk.


The autonomy of our voices is contingent on knowing our languages. When we begin tapping into all the nuances of our words, we understand just how lucky we are to have them. This video showcases Tota Tanon Ohkwa:ri - the Mohawk language program in Kahnawake that is thriving. Similar initiatives are exploding across our communities, and they're igniting a new movement built on our histories. Taking pride in our identity is the root of decolonization, and it starts with knowing the words of our ancestors.

21 year old Tharonhianente is a Kahnawa:ke based writer and director. Currently he is writing for Tota Tanon Ohkwa:ri’s thirteenth season, in addition to storyboarding and providing the voices for elders Rakso and Buckso. In the Fall he will be studying in McGill University's Faculty of Education.

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