Issue N° 16


We Are Here

This issue explores the work and activism presented by the incredible Indigenous artists who participated in Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto this June. Their work, and the undeniably ground-breaking messages behind it, have voiced a compelling statement to Canada, and to the world. We are here. Indigenous people, politics, and culture are alive and thriving. Our traditions, values, and unique perspectives of the world are not simply images of the past, novelty designs to be sewn together into pop-culture fashion statements by people and voices not our own. Indigenous fashion, design, and art are not items to be appropriated and profited on by industries and people who have no concept of Indigenous realities. This issue explores the real world of Indigenous fashion and design. The authentic mastery of Indigenous craft, of masterful design techniques, and of profound cultural representation and creation.

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Issue N° 15



For our first issue of the year, we focus on concepts of "rebirth", to celebrate the many ways that Indigenous people are becoming actors in a renaissance of Indigenous culture and identity. From re-establishing traditional practices and systems of knowledge, to reinventing rituals with contemporary mediums and culture, Indigenous people are giving new life to traditions that were, and still are, at risk of dying. The new year is also a time of renewal for all of us, and represents a resurgence of rituals, ambitions, and memories. It is a fresh start, a chance to renew our commitments to our goals, our careers, our loved ones, and above all, ourselves. We hope that this issue reignites your connection to the ideas of Indigenous identity, wellbeing, and culture that are being explored by these artists.

Issue N° 14


The moment of stitching the vamps of a mocassin to its sole

It's official: the Otahpiaaki collective at Mount Royal University has officially taken over the next two issues of WIOT! We couldn't be more thrilled. Below, you will find a myriad of Indigenous and Ally voices who all believe that healing can come from art, fashion and design. Otahpiaaki is a social innovation project rooted in deep beauty and bold Nation-to-Nation exchange. Each year, it hosts the Indigenous Beauty, Fashion and Design Week at MRU, featuring some of the region's most prominent Indigenous designers and artists. Beyond Fashion Week, Otahpiaaki student teams passionately create opportunities for multi-faceted development. This includes design and social enterprise ideas with the intent to promote, connect, and protect each designer's collection. Over the next seven years, Otahpiaaki's goal is to support Indigenous communities by providing capacity-building resources. Otahpiaaki, thank you for offering us your energy, commitment and creativity. This is what WIOT is all about. Folks, we hope you enjoy this special take-over, and please stay tuned for our second edition of Otahpiaaki, which comes out mid September.

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Issue N° 13


Coming Into the Light

This very special edition of WIOT is coming to you from the beautiful shores of the Yukon River in Whitehorse. Every summer the city is flooded with hundreds of Indigenous artists and performers, all there for Adäka: one of the North's biggest annual arts and culture festivals. I had the priviledge of attending with my father (also my photographer and BFF), and together we had the time of our lives. Below, you will discover just some of the magic we experienced, and some of the beautiful faces we will never forget. Niawen to the Yukon First Nations and Tourism Association for bringing us along for such a fun ride...

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Issue N° 11


I am alive

It's a fun and fitting coincidence that we're launching this issue of the magazine in tandem with National Indigenous Day. Here at WIOT, we're ready to rock out and celebrate all your stories, creativity, and collective resilience. This issue is also a response to the 150 / 375 anniversary hoopla that's been causing such a stir across our communities. Clearly, there has never been a better or more important time to get our voices out there and demand the space that all Indigenous people deserve. And here, we're doing just that!

Issue N° 10


Past, Present and Future in One

Who we are today is both a reflection of where we've come from and where we're going. Our healing is a never-ending process that defies time and space, and what it contributes to the world is far bigger than just us. In this issue of WIOT, we're celebrating all the different ways that our people are growing and discovering what this thing called 'life' is all about.

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Issue N° 09


Be strong; ask for help

Figuring out what we want and need in life is tough. Asking for the help to achieve it is sometimes even tougher. All of it demands a degree of honesty and humility that may not always feel comfortable, but one thing is for certain: the more we share our truths – however painful they may be – the easier it gets. This issue of WIOT features a wide variety of voices, all of whom are on a path towards… somewhere honest. I recently came across this quote, and I think it sets the scene nicely for where our contributors will take us: "You don't always have to feel up to the assignment of ‘being great.’ You can feel as murky as the bottom of a pond, which always seems to coincide with an important event. Yet you are still magnetic and destined. Your feelings don't alter your true nature. When you feel small, just be willing: willing to be a stained glass window, allowing the stream of light to flood through you.” - Unknown

Issue N° 08



Initially, we thought about launching this issue on International Women's Day. But in hindsight we're glad we didn't! Now that the event's hoopla has died, we hope that the stories in this issue will underscore the truth that critical communities like Indigenous people and all women deserve mainstream appreciation year-round. So here ya go - we hope you enjoy and share this beautiful collective of voices, all of whom are saying that those who matter, matter 365 days a year. Let's do this thing.

Issue N° 07


Spirit memory

There's an incredible wave of electricity sparking across our communities right now. We're practically bursting at the seams with all the excitement, rage, and pride that has been steadily reaching a roaring boil. The world at large is facing huge changes wrapped in chaos and resistance, and all our Nations are being called to form a united front to protect the sacred. Our oppressors are loud and angry, and it’s clear that their violence won’t dissipate overnight. But their tactics aren’t anything new to us, and in fact they’re only inspiring us to love more, and fear less. In this issue of WIOT, we’re sharing stories of growth, courage, and joy that reflect just how much stronger - and deadly - we’re becoming every day!

Issue N° 06


Take Care of Yourself

2016 is soon coming to an end, and that means, well, different things to different people. It's certainly been an action packed year - no one can deny that - and we're now moving into 2017 with a bundle of fresh hope, defiance and wonder. There's still much to be tackled and reclaimed, and to that we say "bring it on, buddy!". From all of us at WIOT, thank you infinitely for supporting our project and sharing your strength in the name of positive change. We've got lots of magazine issues still to come, so prepare yourselves for tons more wisdom, resilience and humor from incredible Indigenous voices across the country. We hope you enjoy this latest issue of WIOT and its fitting theme for the holiday season: 'Take Care of Yourself.' With that, we leave you with a traditional Cherokee legend titled 'Two Wolves': "A fight is going on inside me," said an old man to his grandson. "It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves, one good and one bad". The grandson considers the metaphoric battle and asks, "Which wolf will win?" The grandfather answers, "The one you feed."

Issue N° 05

ᓱᓕᔪᓕᕆᓗᒋᑦ ᐊᑐᕐᓂᐊᖅᑐᑦ

Trust Your Journey

We're all rocking and rolling on our own path, and fighting the good fight in a world filled with uncertainties; just like our ancestors did. It isn't easy, but over many generations we've become pretty adept at embracing life's unknowns. Every time we practice and celebrate our roots — who we really are as people — we feel a little less fear and a little more purpose. It's that feeling we get after a ceremony, or making tea, or learning a new word. That feeling of 'I got this, no matter what tomorrow brings'.

Issue N° 04


Our Culture, Our Ways

The long and short of it is this: we've got it going on. Our people are great artists, teachers, dancers and leaders, and what sets us apart... what gives us that edge... is knowing why we do it all. What's the point? Where do I fit in? What's this life all about? These are fundamental questions our world always asks, and we see one another looking for the answers in lots of different places. Sometimes, all the wrong ones. But luckily, Indigenous people don't have to look very far at all. Our communities, cultures, and ways all lead to the real deal. Purpose. And that's what it's all about, right?

Issue N° 03


Let Us Be Magic

Over the years, our people have become quite prolific at refusing to disappear. In fact, we're making our presence known as Canada's fastest growing population. All this defiance has given us a resilience that truly sets us apart. Our strength may not get much press in mainstream media, but we all recognize it in every corner of our communities. It's the common thread between Rinelle Harper, Strife Asaakeezis, every residential school Survivor, and all those who will Sun Dance this summer for the first time. Our people have never given up and never will; even when it seems like there's nothing left. There is always something left, and it's the reason for our purpose and pride. And with gifts like these, we've got to keep going.

Issue N° 02


Where We Come From

'Home' means so much more than a familiar dot on a map. It's our introduction to the world, and lets us know where we fit in. No matter where we come from, we all have a human need to feel accepted and known; both by others and by ourselves. This takes us on searches down lots of trails. Sometimes, it's our ancestors who guide us home. Others of us need to build our own home in a different place with family we’ve chosen. In this 2nd issue of WIOT Magazine, our contributors share their own unique quests, visions and battles, all in the name of knowing who they are.

Issue N° 01


Building Strength

Strength is the drum beat of our communities. It pulses through our veins and ensures we keep things fierce, whether we're championing for our youth or dancing on the powwow trail. In this 1st issue of WIOT Magazine, our voices celebrate different shades of Strength and the power that comes from discovering it in ourselves... and in one another.