Violence against Indigenous women is too often swept under the rug... both in mainstream Canadian society and within Indigenous families. It’s now ever-present, and is brutal and disgusting. Maria Campbell, an acclaimed Métis author from Saskatchewan, knows much about this sad reality in our communities. In Apikiwiyak, Maria invites Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to peer into the seemingly endless legacy of colonial violence. In collaboration with acclaimed Métis filmmaker Shane Belcourt, Apikiwiyak is a series of heartbreaking vignettes, all wrapped around the imagery of a man in ceremony looking for hope and calling for the ancestors to help us all get back on the good road home.

Shane Belcourt is a Métis award-winning and CSA-nominated director, writer, and cinematographer whose work often explores the Indigenous experience. He also teaches filmmaking workshops to youth through Indigenous outreach programs.

Maria Campbell is a celebrated Métis author, playwright, filmmaker, producer and Elder. Her artistic and community contributions have received countless awards over the years. Maria's compelling memoir and first book "Halfbreed" initiated an entirely new chapter in modern Indigenous literature.

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Shane Belcourt and Maria Campbell

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